Friday, October 15, 2010

How much does LASIK Cost?

When you do a comparative analysis of the prices of different LASIK procedures, as also the price of LASIK procedures in different clinics, you will notice that LASIK prices vary from one procedure to another. Some of the factors that influence LASIK pricing are:

• State of the patient’s eyesight

• Location of the clinic

The primary reason for variation of the cost of LASIK procedures is the dependence of the procedure on the state of the patient’s vision. For a patient with reasonably good vision, the LASIK procedure cost would be much lower than that for a patient with bad vision. This is because in such a case, the amount of correction or corneal readjustment would be much more.

On the Internet, there are sites that dedicate time and space to providing comparisons between the pricing of different LASIK procedures. Offline, the Review of Ophthalmology states that in 2003 the average LASIK surgery cost was $1,700, but in the Midwest it was lower than that, probably lesser by a couple of hundred dollars. Ever since, prices have been steadily rising and today the average cost of a LASIK procedure is anywhere between $1800 and $2000. This kind of figure has been steadily increasing, as pointed out by different publications and surveys online.

LASIK eye surgery cost also depends on the pricing opted for by different centers. Some centers may make use of upgraded technology, and hence may charge more than other centers that still use conventional LASIK procedures. The cost of LASIK surgery may seem a bit steep, but if you are serious about correcting your eye problems, LASIK is a very viable procedure, more so because of the number of procedural options it provides you with.

LASIK Centers

There are quite a few LASIK centers across the length and breadth of the United States. Some of these are LASIK chains, and are very well-known, have more publicity that keeps them visible, and provide excellent facilities. Some of these LASIK chains are:

• LasikPlus

• The LASIK Vision Institute


• Laser Vision Centers

• LCA Vision

• Lasik Center

• Icon LASIK

• The LASIK Eye Institute

There are many more such national chains of LASIK clinics. To find them, you can again put out a search on the Internet. Most of these have their own websites and provide detailed information about their services, their skill sets, equipment used, fees, and any other information relevant to their business. Besides these chains, there are also individual LASIK doctors in various clinics with high levels of expertise in performing LASIKS procedures. A LASIK doctor is much sought after these days, and a good LASIK doctor can be easily found in any of these facilities.

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laser eye surgery By mid week 3 my vision started to become what I consider functional. Don't know if it helps but I'm going to go out and a limb and say this is pretty common. Sorry your doc didn't inform you that their version of functional and your version are probably diffirent.

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